Royce was founded in Taipei and built a factory in Taoyuan, Taiwan in 1974. Started business from wooden cabinet. As business had grown, the factory capacity was over demand, then moved factory to overseas.


Royce was a pioneer to set up a 16,000 square meter overseas factory in Batam, Indonesia where is free trade zone. There are two facilities, one is wood panel furniture another is plastic injection and molding in-house. The facility and land is wholly-owned by Royce.


Increased facility to 64,000 square meter for expanding production capacity. The monthly production capacity was reinforced up to 250 containers for one shift.


We purchased digital printing machinery that could print on the wood panel for initial discussion while customers have pattern design, it shortened prototype lead time.


Integrated head office and factory computing system made workflow efficiency, and enhanced factory management. E-collaboration accelerate projects proceeding and communication with customers .


We plan to expend warehouse that could enhance customers quality service for storing finished products. This planing would be implemented by 2018.